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So someone brought this to my attention.

Fanfic writers, please be aware this is happening. It’s probably in your best interest to make it known to your readers if you don’t want your stuff sent to these people.  I know I personally wouldn’t, because they have a track record for awfulness and I don’t see them breaking the cycle any time soon.  If you do find your stuff is being sent to them, I’d suggest you figure out a way to lock it up so they can’t access it.

Fanfic readers, do not under any circumstances send your favourite fics to these people without the writer’s express permission for you to do so.  You don’t know what they are going to say about your favourite fic or the person who wrote it, and I’m worried this might end with a lot of people deleting their fics because of Eat Your Kimchi being terrible human beings.

Just a heads up.

Ok this is just my opinion and it’s 100% ok to disagree.

Eat Your Kimchi ARE NOT horrible human beings. They have a right to do Kpop reviews if they want to and if they want to read fanfics in their videos, they should be allowed to do so. And it’s not like they’re going to harshly criticize the fanfics or the people that wrote them. If they do then that’s a different story but at worst Eyk is going to make some jokes about it. If you’re not comfortable with Simon and Martina reading your fics then find a way to lock it, don’t blame them they’re just doing their jobs.

Differing opinions regarding Simon and Martina aside, the point is that Eat Your Kimchi is extremely popular both inside and outside of Korea, and their videos get A LOT of views. Speaking personally as a writer, everything I write I hold close to my chest. I’ve always put little pieces of myself in everything I write, and I know a lot of other writers do and feel the same about their own work.

I’m not comfortable with the thought of Eat Your Kimchi making a video that could potentially feature something I’ve written. I’m not comfortable knowing that Eat Your Kimchi is essentially taking parts of me and showing it off to the world, especially if they dare to do it without my consent. This is disrespectful to writers, not just in fandom — even published authors, everywhere.

You say EYK has a right to do K-pop reviews and read fan fics in their videos, and you’re right. HOWEVER, writers also have that same right to not want any part of this and our wishes should be respected at the very least.

If you don’t understand that Simon and Martina really are terrible, privileged people, then I hope you’ll at least understand that everyone deserves to be respected.

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Jaemin AU | Producing a devilish brat new talent

“Did you know? Changmin has a new producer. The guy is well known inside the business, but since Changmin is debuting, he may not be aware that he’s dealing with the industry’s real mafia boss: Kim Jaejoong. You don’t dare to mess with him! You absolutely don’t! He decides what’s trendy and what’s not nowadays. However… he can get so adorable when he’s around Changmin… that he’s even scarier!”

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